Wow, I'm Bad At This.

I haven't posted anything in so long.
My apologies. Even though my laptop wasn't taken away by me. I have, however had it back for a week.

SO, how about I try to be funny for a while? Is that okay?

Or I could be a nerd for a paragraph or two. Yeah, let's try that.

I recently started watching Doctor Who. I have seen about 8 or 9 episodes with Smith, one with Tennant, and one with Eccleston. I love The Doctor. He is unfailingly witty and awesome. And he thinks my bed is cool. ("Bunk beds are cool! It's a bed WITH a ladder!")

I also spent a few hours trying to register for Pottermore, which is something J. K. Rowling has done so that we don't suffer too much depression at the whole thing just ending. Speaking of last Harry Potter movies, I am going to the premiere of Deathly Hallows part 2! In full costume, of course.

So, since my attention span is very short, I bid you a fond farewell.

All for now,