Wow, I'm Bad At This.

I haven't posted anything in so long.
My apologies. Even though my laptop wasn't taken away by me. I have, however had it back for a week.

SO, how about I try to be funny for a while? Is that okay?

Or I could be a nerd for a paragraph or two. Yeah, let's try that.

I recently started watching Doctor Who. I have seen about 8 or 9 episodes with Smith, one with Tennant, and one with Eccleston. I love The Doctor. He is unfailingly witty and awesome. And he thinks my bed is cool. ("Bunk beds are cool! It's a bed WITH a ladder!")

I also spent a few hours trying to register for Pottermore, which is something J. K. Rowling has done so that we don't suffer too much depression at the whole thing just ending. Speaking of last Harry Potter movies, I am going to the premiere of Deathly Hallows part 2! In full costume, of course.

So, since my attention span is very short, I bid you a fond farewell.

All for now,

The Facebook Issue

As you know, I have a t*mblr now. The URL frequently changes, but if I follow you, you'll know it's me.

I definitely prefer t*mblr to Facebook. It's easier to use, and is simpler. I'm not going to delete my Facebook, but there are some problems I want to adress.

1. The "If I love you, I Will Tag You in 12 Pictures Just So You Can Know It." person.
If you really love me, just tag me in pictures that I am actually in. What's worse is those "tag a friend that fits a category" pictures. Wow, didn't know I was the "one who reads a lot." Thanks for that.

2. The Facebook Stalker.
This person likes or comments on every little thing you do. Comment on a status? *LIKED* Witty status? *Comments "LOL That's funny. Love you Tay :)"* If you like it, then just like the status.

3. The Compulsive poker.
Yes, I am aware you have a Facebook. No, I don't want to engage in Poking with you, thanks. I don't mind the occasional Poke war every now and then, but if I saw and had a conversation with you yesterday, you don't need to remind me of your existence.

4. The "If I Want To Have A Conversation with You, I'll Write On Your Wall 80 Times." person.
The chat and message systems are there for a reason. Use them instead of leaving me 80 notifications that I won't check BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, FACEBOOK.

5. The person who doesn't know their own name.
I think this is the reason why we have "Cupcake Gummibear Jones" around. No, I don't have a friend with that name, and yes, I was Taylor Bloggerstein* Weasley for a while, but at least it was easy to find me, as I used my real first and last names in it. Not to meantion my creepy Potterhead-ness, which marks my very existence.  [UPDATE: I just found someone with the name Despinaisacrazyemoprincess LoveslifeMonroesixstar RadkeKaulitzvanity. OHGAWD.]

6. The "Hey, I Don't Know You, But I'll Send You A Friend Request." person.
Yes, you may have 500 friends. No, it's not because you know them. If I don't know you, I'm not accepting the request. If you are a creepy old man in Canada, odds are I don't know you. They're called "friends" for a reason.

Sorry about the ranty nature of the post, but I needed a vent session.

Love for now.

* No, Bloggerstein isn't my last name. I chose that instead of my real one so I don't get stalked.

I Did It.

I did. I did something that should not be spoken of for fear of mainstream-ness. That's right.

I made a t****r. Wow, look at that censorship. Bet you'll never guess what it means.

The first rule of tu***r is to never talk about tum**r. That's also the second rule.

It's called cantaloupeisitsownevil.tumb* If you know what I'm talking about, then you will know to replace that * with the appropriate letter before you go there.

If you figure it out (which it's kinda hard not to, as I have replaced all but one letter) visit it with caution as small children should not be on tumblr the site that shall not be named.

All for now, loves.

Obsession Part Zwei

The Dalton Academy Warblers.

I love these people. They sing and dance and are just fabulous individuals.

Most people only know Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. (That must be confusing on set..."Darren! Chris!" "Darren Criss?" No. Darren and Chris.") But I know Dom and Riker and Curt and Luke and Brock and Telly and Titus and Eddy and...

Well, I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.

Curt Mega accepted my friend request on Facebook. I screamed.

I'm posting the link for Dalton again. It's really good.

Until next week,

A Tragic Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl. And a male object. They were inseperable because of the girl's love for the male object.

the girl got a D in Algebra. She was forbidden from seeing the male object for many moons. (Always wanted to use that one)

Then, lo and behold, one day the report card came in the mail, sporting a lovely C in Algebra, despite the wishes of the evil villainous math teacher. The girl was finally reunited with her beloved male object.

You, my beloved readers, will be surprised to know that this is a true story. I am this girl, and the male object is my beloved laptop, Beekerman. The evil villainous math teacher is *shudder* Mr. Gray.

So. I have...


The Dalton Academy Warblers. More specifically, Curt Mega (Nick) and Riker Lynch (Jeff). They are all kinds of fabulous. Here, read this story about the Warblers: This Fanfiction, Dalton by CP Coulter, is fabulous. She Is really talented, and I may have a weird attachment to Reed Van Kamp. Read and you shall know.

All for now,

Street Cred 101 With Mr. Lang

Random iPod post because this guy is full of awesome. Word for word.

1. Have a look on your face not like you're pissed at the person you happen to be looking at, but at the world in general. Preferably down your nose.
2. Have a readily available gang sign. (Here, awkward turtle was shown.)
3. Say a word or phrase, followed by yo, followed by a pause and the word or phrase. ("Twinkies, yo...twinkies.)
So, to recap, he says, "Tulips, yo...tulips." Using awkward turtle, of course.

Farewell for now, loves.

The Situation

No, not from Jersey Shore, the situation going on here. I have lost use of the laptop for an undetermined amount of time. To tide y'all over for the time being, have this.


Ew. Valentine's Day. Featuring Jessi and Old People.

I hate Valentine's day. Not just because I'm single. Just had to say that.

I know I just posted on Saturday, but I had to share this.

Old People
By Taylor and Jessi.
Edited for grammar and spelling, since we texted the whole thing.

(After a long chat about cackley grandpas)

T: Why are people letting you into retirement homes?
J: My great-grandma was living there.
T: You shouldn't be allowed around old people.
J: Why would I want to be around old people? They stink.
T: Not all of them.
J: I wanted to put them in a garbage bag. But I couldn't, so I just sprayed them with Febreeze.
T: You sprayed old people with Febreeze?
J: Yeah. The whole place smelled better.
T: OK then. Never visiting old people with you. Ever.
J: Why? Unless you're an old person, you have nothing to worry about.
T: Except the cops.
J: Security was laughing. Why do old people need security?
T: In case they run away. Would you like it if someone lost your old person?
J: I would sue if someone lost my old person.
T: And that's why they need security.
J: But why do they need buff guys? Kirbie could stop an old person.
[Side note: Kirbie is about 4 feet tall and weighs 80 pounds.]
T: Not an old person with... A BLACK BELT!
J: What old person has a black belt?

Aren't my friends awesome?

Love and zombies,

Mr. Lang

My Language Arts teacher is a weirdo. Even more than me, and that's saying something.

In Enrichment on Thursday, he brought his class into the library where we were working on our projects. My friend who was sitting next to me asked him to name some board games, which got us to the subject of Hungry Hungry Hippos. He called it "a game which is not a game, but an excuse to make the loudest noise possible while whaling on a hippo." This brought up the subject of how awesome a song called Whale on a Hippo would be. I asked him if he would be in a band called The Lamington Experience, and he said, "Only if Whale on a Hippo is our first single."

So far, here's the running joke standings:

Band name: The Lamington Experience.

First single: Whale on a Hippo.

First album: Please Don't Smell Me.
(In reference to when Istvan walked in after me. Mr Lang smelled Pez, walked over to sniff Istvan, then started walking over to me. I said, "Please don't smell me," and he said, "That's our first album!" But we have to say please. If we aren't polite, no one's going to buy that album.)

Seriously. Weirdo. Yesterday he came running through the door, stared at me and my friend (who were attempting to leave school) and said, "TaLang. Think about it." then walked away.


So A Duck And A Beaver Are Playing Tennis...

I would have LOVED to hear this punchline. I would have been the fictional duck, because I am Luis's duck. Don't ask.

I have good news and bad news. It's only going to make sense if I give you the good news first.
THE GOOD NEWS: I finally found another Slytherin!
THE BAD NEWS: It's Chris.

Many of you (4) frequent readers already know who he is, but let me give you a background of him (and the other freaks who surround me 5 days a week).

Let's start with Chris. Met him in first grade. He became more and more increasingly annoying over these past 7 years. My grandma has some weird crush on him. Is a Slytherin.

Faccin's turn. Fifth grade. Has a first name (Jacob), but everyone (except Evan) just calls him Faccin. My probable future brother-in-law, as his brother and Lindsay are the same age and inseparable.

Maeve...Sixth grade. Has a blog, which I frequently read. Our "daughters" are Cassie and Sarah. I love this chick to death and back. Is a Ravenclaw. I think.

Sarah. also has a blog, but I link to it so frequently that you can just go click anywhere else.  Is also a Ravenclaw. I think. My elder "daughter."

Evan. Kindergarten. Long way back. Has a twin brother named Quientin. Has a hat that he left on the bus once and the next day, I threw it at him. I'm just that awesome.

Quientin. Second grade. Evan's twin brother. Has a snail obsession. Crazy smart, but also crazy annoying. No offense.

Cassie. Seventh grade. My younger "daughter." Has a new baby sister.

Connor. Not sure how long. First grade, maybe? Apparently knows everything about baseball. Is in all of my classes besides 1st and 2nd period at school.

Jessi. First grade. Has 6 siblings (4 brothers, 2 sisters). Has a dead spider named Fluffy.

Those are the crazy wackjobs that are like sisters, daughters, and brothers to me. However, I feel like I have to tell you about Mr. Lang, too. Best LA teacher EVAH. Reads like crazy. Has a tongue piercing. Traumatized Olivia. And Jessi. And everyone else in my LA class. Possibly insane. Make that probably. No, definitely.

So, gLee is back! Any time Darren just starts to sing, I lose it. I just freak out. I have a special fondness for the Warbler's GAP Attack. HE HAD THE TRADEMARK DARREN'S PINK SUNGLASSES, GUYS! I screamed. A bunch. He needs to just get in a relationship with Kurt, already.

Byeas for now,

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Where did I go, you ask? That's a good question. I have a bad answer to that god question, and it is my house. And school. And a hospital. (Mum is home and feeling better, by the way.)

In other news, Sarah is 14. Yeah, put that in your juice box and SUCK IT. I know you feel old, darling, but you are. Savor it. While you can. *Wiggles eyebrows like a vaudeville evil dude who has an AWESOME mustache, by the way.* Meaning yeah, I'm gonna kill you. Or not. You'll never know. Until you die. What was I talking about?

I can't think of a topic, but I didn't just want to wait another week until gLee comes

Top Ten Best Future Band Names I Have Thought Of This Far In My Life.
Meaning I'll probably think of twenty better ones after I finish here.

10. GraphJam. Also a website, but screw that. No one's ever heard of it.

9. Flaming Leopard Teeth. Just thought of that. Right here, right now.

8. Arkansas Death Birds. As a tribute to all those birds that dropped dead in Arkansas. Hey, if it was either live in Arkansas ar drop dead, they made the right choice.

7. Home Run Football.
I know NOTHING about sports. Nada. Also, I'm pretty sure Paula Abdul almost said, "...or a football player scoring a fumble."

6. R.
A pirate band . Because that's what pirates say? *Cricket noises.* OK, just me.

5. Hit The Bricks.
A phrase frequented by my dad.

4. Awesome Stabbing Opportunity.
See below.

3.  Death By Keeney Street.
So a bird drops dead outside of Faccin's house. Not a joke, one did. Chris saw it, pointed it out to me, and I almost jumped him. By accident. Or maybe not...that would have been an awesome stabbing opportunity. Teehee.

2. The Killing Curses.
Or The Crookshanks Experience.
Or Ron and Hermione. Except then I would have to be a Gryffindor. Ew.
All good names for a wrock group.

1.The Lamington Experience.
See NYE post.
The End.


Make-Up Post

So, I had a really short post yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better now, thanks for asking.

Maeve asked for a New Year's Eve story.  I'm going to tell...

The Lamington Story.
(In case you were wondering, that's supposed to be read in a deep voice, like the one they use in horror movie previews.)

So, it was around 11:30 on NYE. We had just finished watching Französisch fur Anfänger, or French for Beginners for those who don't speak Deutsch.

Before we start the Lamington process, I feel obligated to tell you what a Lamington is. A Lamington is an Australian dessert, made of vanilla cake covered in chocolate covered in coconut. Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.

First, we made the cake. While it was baking, one of us (us being me, Sarah, and Maeve) noticed it was past midnight, and we had missed the official start of the New Year. We took the cake out of the oven and went to attempt to build a fort. We failed miserably, and went back to make our Lamingtons.

When Sarah attempted to put the chocolate on hers, it fell apart. Filming the whole experience, we took turns failing, but it was the best dessert ever. Seriously.

After the Lamington experience (great band name, called it.), we tried at the fort and failed once more.

Other things happened, but I'm done storytelling.

Love from

I'm Stuck In My House.

We got 25 inches of snow here yesterday, and it took my dad 4 hours to dig us out. I'm giving up on making a snowman, because I won't be able to stand long enough. I have really sucky balance.
Not to mention my nose is running like a faucet.

If someone came to rescue me from the weird sounds that the Twin Terrors are making while they're pretending Ben is a cat (9 years old, kids.), I would be eternally grateful. Seriously. I would owe you forever.

Short post because I feel like crap.


The Official Book-It List

Hahahahahahahaha, get it? Like a bucket list, but books! I'm gonna tell you kids what books I absoutely MUST read. Someday. In the future. Or now. But I don't have them. Or I would have read them a while ago. Note: Some are crossed off, and I'll tell you about those ones.

1. The Roar by Emma Clayton
2. Soldier X by Don Wulffson
3. Going Bovine by Libba Bray It's about a kid who's dying of mad cow disease who goes on a cross-country roadtrip to save the universe with a Mexican midget and a garden gnome who happens to be the Viking god Balder. Need I say more? (If you can't read past the strikethrough, it says Going Bovine by Libba Bray.)
4. The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein. Don't judge me for not having read them.
5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee You should know what this is about, kids.
6. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith  About a girl growing up in Brooklyn in the 1900's.
7. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

I'm taking reccomendations, kids.

I finally watched Half-Blood Prince, and have to say that Warner Brothers botched it. I don't remember Bellatrix and Greyback burning down the Burrow. And what happened to Dumbledore's funeral?

Love from me.