Random Post About Random Stuff *UPDATED*

Hello there.
Welcome back.
Or, if this is your fist visit, welcome.

I'm just going to give you a bunch of Top 10 stuff from time to time. These are in no particular order of favoritism.

Top Ten Favorite Blogs

!0. Maeve's Take (maevestake.blogspot.com)
9. Sarah's Opinion of the World (thescottishpoodle.blogspot.com)
8. Hyperbole and a Half (hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com)
7. Buttersafe (buttersafe.com)
6. The Perry Bible Fellowship (pbfcomics.com)
5. Jen and John's Cake Wrecks (cakewrecks.blogspot.com)
4. Steam Me Up, Kid (steammeupkid.blogspot.com)
3. The Oatmeal (theoatmeal.com)
2. Hark, A Vagrant (harkavagrant.com)
1.Whiteboard Unicorns (whiteboardunicorns.com)

Like I said, no order of favoritism.

Also, check this out: Dramatic Reading of a Real Breakup Letter (youmakemetouchyourhandsforstupidreasons.ytmnd.com/)
I recommend turning the volume up for this one.

For some rreason, the links are weirdos on this, so if anyone knows how to make them more "link-y", go ahead and tell me.

Until next week,

*I found another that is really funny : i'll go eat worms (That's how she writes it, don't grammar Nazi, me, TheScottishPoodle): mylittlebecky.blogspot.com*

Life As I Know It *UPDATED

Hello again.

Mid-week post. This is new.

I had to post a gLeek-y thing today. I'll probably post on Wednesdays so i can gLeek out a little.
A gLee wedding. That was almost the most epic episode yet, besides Never Been Kissed.

As you probably know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Happy early Thanksgiving.

This weekend, I went to see Life as We Know It, starring Katherine Heigl (Happy birthday to her) and Josh Duhamel. It was really funny, and I went with 4 of my best friends: Eden, Jessi, Ashleigh, and Cassie. Sadly, Maeve (www.maevestake.blogspot.com) and Sarah (www.thescottishpoodle.blogspot.com) couldn't go.

School's been pretty awesome. I have some amazing teachers (and Mr. Gray) this year. I'm pretty sure they put all the awesome teachers (and Mr. Gray) in 8th grade and all the kinda sucky teachers in 7th. I barely ever get to see most of my friends, though.

Until next week,

*UPDATE: I was in fact mistaken about it being Katherine Heigl's birthday. It was Monday.

gLee Addiction Post Numero Uno

(in terrible singing voice)
They try to make me go to gLee-hab, I said no, no,no.



Now all I need is Joey Richter or Lauren Lopez and I will be a happy girl.
But, you know, Bonnie Gruesen would work too.

Anyone out there a gLee addict?

Pff...who am I talking to? Or writing to really... I must be going crazier.

Oh well... at least I have the Voices inside my head. They listen to me.

I Have No Idea What To Call This Post

I am not sane, nor have I ever been.
I am, however, me.
And that's about as close to sane as I will ever get.

I'm a Harry Potter addict. If you are too but haven't watched A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, I suggest (demand) you do so immediately. I LOVE gLee with a passion (and yes, I always spell it like that).

I have a small group of best friends that you probably will see a lot about. I grew up with my cousins like brothers and sisters, so you're probably going to see a lot about them, too.

I'm going to hand the computer off now, but I'll probably post once a week unless something major happens and I post twice or not at all.

Signing off.