My Newest Addiction

This would be ALL CAPS, the nerdiest band to hit iTunes. Kristina Horner (female singer), formerly of the Parselmouths, and Luke Conard (male singer), formerly of Ministry of Magic, left their respcetive wrock (wizard rock) groups for each other and their nerdbase. Sarah introduced me to ALL CAPS, and I shall forever be grateful. Pretty sure Maeve's in love a little, too.

Some examples of their music include:
Real or not Real, about Mockingjay (on Lowercase)
Don't Unplug Me, about robots in love. (on Bmin/E)
Trainers in Love, about Ash and Misty from Pokemon (on Lowercase)
Lumos Flies, about Ron and Hermione from, obviously, Harry Potter (on Bmin/E)

There are tons of other ones, but I won't go into detail as it was fun to figure out what the heck those songs were about. I've only heard of three of the albums, Lowercase (acoustic and full of awesome), Bmin/E (full of awesome), and Songs in the Key of E-mail (also full of awesome). For the most part, they're peppy and electronic.

Seriously, listen in, kids.

The Obligatory Christmas Post

Merry Christmas, y'all!
Or, Frohe Weihnachten!
Or, Joyeux Noel!
Or, Feliz Navidad!
Or... I could go on and on because Google translate has, like, 20 languages, but I'm not going to.

I'm posting this (for the first time) from my brand freaking new laptop! Thank you x 1000000 to the grandparents, by the way. Also, thank you x 1000000 for the new iTouch (that sounds really twisted, just realized that) from the parents. I got Half-Blood Prince 3 times last night, anyone need a copy? The Twin Terrors both got iPod shuffles and DSi's, but they're pretty ticked I got such epic stuff.

Ceasing the gift wrap-up (haha, I'm punny), favorite gifts, everybody?

Did you guys know that there's an ice cream truck for cupcakes? My aunt got these crazy awesome cupcakes and she told me about the truck. She got the cupcakes from somewhere else, though.

Gëzuar Krishtlindjet (Albanian),

The Official Bucket List

Okay, so in the comments of a Sarah's Opinion of the World post, I mentioned my Official Bucket List. Yes, It gets underlined. So, here it is:

1. Watch a foreign movie
2. Get something I wrote published somewhere (Done, because I made this a while back.)
3. Learn at least 30 German phrases.
4. Finally ride a legit roller coaster
5. Pull the whistle on a train
6. Write a book
7. Learn how to draw a person
8. Make my own paper
9. Paint a mural
10. Finish Maeve's friendship bracelet

I'm gonna post updates on the Official Bucket List from time to time, so don't worry about not knowing what I've accomplished with my life.

So, gLee. Reruns suck. They should do an Ingrid Michaelson cover. I want to see what they would do with that.

Always remember, scared is only one letter away from scarred.

I'm Being Overrun By A Swarm Of Angry...


Except, you know, cookies can't really be angry. They just sit there on my counter tempting me all day. It's getting harder and harder to resist.

So, in other news, I somehow got roped into being the Narrator is the most badly-written Church play I have ever been in. But, seeing how one was ah-mazing and I've only ever been in one other, I can't really compare them too well. I don't think either quite measure up to the one where my cousin was baby Jesus on her first Christmas. My grandma used to direct them because she was the Director of Christian Education (DCE) @ my church. I'm pretty sure that none of the plays I've been in before have almost completely consisted of children under the age of 10, my cousin (who is 11), my friend Brenna (12) and me (13). Oh, and Ethan (12), who literally was the star of the show. The Christmas star. He had no lines. (glücklicher Mensch.)

That's all for today.

Auf Wiedersehen von

Shame, Shame, Shame.

I know, I didn't do my gLeeky post on Wednesday or my normal "Hey. what's up" post on Sunday.
But guess what? I did testing (dun dun dun) this weekend for the son of a friend of my grandparents and I'm apparently pretty smart. Who knew?

Who saw the gLee Xmas special? *raises hand* Ooh, me! I did! It was awesome, and Sue is a terrible person. I loved how Artie can kinda walk now.

So you guys are probably wondering what deep hole I wandered into. That hole is called Mockingjay. I am freaking addicted, kids. Suzanne Collins is almost as amazing as J.K. Rowling.

I've decided I need a gbf. That's guy best friend for all of you who don't have or want one. I have MaeBel (Maeve) and TheScottishPoodle (Sarah) along with others without blogs, but all of them are girls. Volunteers, anyone?

SO, I've been reading back, and most of my posts are shorter than the title of the blog. I'm going to just go off about a bunch of random shtuff so I have length.

I finally figured out how to add links! Look, see: Maeve's Take Sarah's Opinion Of The World
See how awesome I learned how to be?

So now, time for gLee.

bin später*,

*Revised for TheScottishPoodle

Wanna Know What Gets Me Down?

Rainy days and Mondays.

Actually, I love rainy days, and Mondays are awesome(after school) because I get to see my amazing grandmother who is amazing.

!. When My Dad, Mom, or The Twin Terrors Leave Time On the Microwave.
   Because then I have to press the Start button, like, seven times before I figure it out and am forced to start  over.

2. Being Tired.
    Seriously, Board of Ed? The 5 year olds are up at 6 A.M. anyway. Why do we have to wake up so early?

3. "Ppl Hoo Tlk Liek This."*
    Really? How hard is it to type 2 or 3 more letters? I admit, when I'm texting, I shorten some words. But the keys are less than a centimeter across, so I don't think that should count. Did you know Blogger doesn't recognize the word texting? It's only been a thing amount of years that I don't know. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. or when people unnecessarily add, like, seven letters. It's usually just two, like in "happii" or something like that.

4. Weirdo Baby Names.
    Here's some of my favorite weirdo names:
    Gwyneth Paltrow: Apple
    Shannyn Sossman: Radio Science
    Bob Geldof and Paula Yates: Fifi Trixibelle, Little Pixie, Peaches Honeyblossom, and Luscious Tropical Mango.
 Wait, what?
You know you want to be named Luscious Tropical Mango. I don't, but you probably do.

The End.
Love from Me

*Translation for normal people: People Who Talk Like This


A freaking TIE?

We all know New Directions deserved to win.
Also, I hate Blaine a little. Kurt was just being all sad because he thought the canary was going to DIE, and Blaine goes,"He's molting. Remember, Warblers practice at 5!"
If he wasn't Darren Criss, I would be seriously mad.

Finn and Rachel need to get back together, amirite? Don't kid yourself, of course I am.

Also, the fat chick needs to GO. I want my favorite gay kid back.

Oh, yeah, merry December.

*I think I was a little mad yesterday...but as of 2 December 2010, I am no longer as mad. If that makes sense.