The Facebook Issue

As you know, I have a t*mblr now. The URL frequently changes, but if I follow you, you'll know it's me.

I definitely prefer t*mblr to Facebook. It's easier to use, and is simpler. I'm not going to delete my Facebook, but there are some problems I want to adress.

1. The "If I love you, I Will Tag You in 12 Pictures Just So You Can Know It." person.
If you really love me, just tag me in pictures that I am actually in. What's worse is those "tag a friend that fits a category" pictures. Wow, didn't know I was the "one who reads a lot." Thanks for that.

2. The Facebook Stalker.
This person likes or comments on every little thing you do. Comment on a status? *LIKED* Witty status? *Comments "LOL That's funny. Love you Tay :)"* If you like it, then just like the status.

3. The Compulsive poker.
Yes, I am aware you have a Facebook. No, I don't want to engage in Poking with you, thanks. I don't mind the occasional Poke war every now and then, but if I saw and had a conversation with you yesterday, you don't need to remind me of your existence.

4. The "If I Want To Have A Conversation with You, I'll Write On Your Wall 80 Times." person.
The chat and message systems are there for a reason. Use them instead of leaving me 80 notifications that I won't check BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, FACEBOOK.

5. The person who doesn't know their own name.
I think this is the reason why we have "Cupcake Gummibear Jones" around. No, I don't have a friend with that name, and yes, I was Taylor Bloggerstein* Weasley for a while, but at least it was easy to find me, as I used my real first and last names in it. Not to meantion my creepy Potterhead-ness, which marks my very existence.  [UPDATE: I just found someone with the name Despinaisacrazyemoprincess LoveslifeMonroesixstar RadkeKaulitzvanity. OHGAWD.]

6. The "Hey, I Don't Know You, But I'll Send You A Friend Request." person.
Yes, you may have 500 friends. No, it's not because you know them. If I don't know you, I'm not accepting the request. If you are a creepy old man in Canada, odds are I don't know you. They're called "friends" for a reason.

Sorry about the ranty nature of the post, but I needed a vent session.

Love for now.

* No, Bloggerstein isn't my last name. I chose that instead of my real one so I don't get stalked.

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